Types of Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer May Work On

While personal injury lawyers are typically thought of as a car accident lawyer, there is actually a variety of different cases they will work on. For instance, if you work with Price and Randle personal injury attorney, they can help you with product liability cases, premises liability cases, wrongful death and more. Any time you are injured and need help obtaining compensation for your injuries, a personal injury lawyer is the person you’re going to want to talk to.

Product Liability Cases

These cases occur when a person is injured due to a product they have purchased. This can cover anything from food to clothes, household items, and even medication. These things are all supposed to be safe, or they should come with appropriate warning labels where necessary. If you’re injured because of a product you’ve purchased, your lawyer can help you sue the manufacturer for compensation.


Premises Liability Cases

If you own a business, anyone on your property has the right to shop safely. If they fall, you may be liable for their injuries if it’s proved you were negligent and didn’t care for your property correctly. These cases can cover both inside and outside the building and include falls from uneven flooring, spills, and fallen products.

Wrongful Death Cases

If a person dies from injuries caused by another person or business, that person or business may be responsible financially for their death. For example, if the death was during the loading or unloading of a truck, the lawyer may perform a car accident lawyer in Columbia to find out if there was a fault during the distribution of the product, causing it to fall or otherwise injure and kill the person.

Preventing Lawsuits

Hiring a lawyer may also be a part of your customer retention strategy if you own a business, as it can allow you to ensure your store is safe for your customers. Your lawyer can help you figure out if there’s anything wrong before a lawsuit happens so you know how to avoid it. They can review your store and products to ensure they’re safe for consumers and help you find out if there’s any way to improve your building to make it easier for your customers to shop safely.

If you’ve been injured or you’re a business owner hoping to prevent injuries, you’re gong to want to talk with a personal injury lawyer. They can help in any case where the victim deserves compensation for their injuries, including product liability cases, premises liability cases and even wrongful death cases. They can even help prevent lawsuits by point out common causes so they can be fixed before someone is injured. Call your lawyer today if you need help in any of these areas.

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